Yassss, I’m married. MARRIED!This was a dream come true. What!!!! The excitement  I felt, it just took over my entire body.

When I was a child I was in my parent’s wedding and ever since that day the only day I knew for sure about what I wanted out of life was the fact that I wanted to get married. In my childhood house we had a plant tree, that same tree used to be my pretend husband; at 5, only child at the time, married whatever guy I had a crush on at the time. The list from what I can recall now is not terribly long: Jerry(Bunker Hill), Jeremy (NCCA), and Gerald(Footsteps).

Now usually the way  these crushes were set up I would just stare at them from a far; and it only lasted the duration of the time I was at the particular school. Gerald, from Footsteps, this crush lasted a while. Considering Footsteps was my dance company that I attended all the way until 12th grade…lawd. No, he did not dance; however, his sister did. Randomly he would come to pick her up, and my eyes were on him, walking up the stairs, walking through the doors, and jut like that he was gone.

Now lets fast forward to 2008.

I’m about to graduate from High School and thus I’m graduating from Footsteps. I just knew this was my last time seeing Gerald. Our last performance was at Crawford Auditorium my childhood friend and I were standing in the back by the doors entering the auditorium, I’m looking into the crowd of people seeing people exit, take pictures, and mingle for the last time. Then who caught my eye, no one but Gerald. He was taller, he was the tallest person in the crowd, I made eye contact with him. I was satisfied that this was our last time seeing each other (I’m like 100% sure at that point in life Gerald still did not see me).

Welp, that was not the case. At the time I was not sure if that was a good or bad thing. I walked in Gap, with the girl I was dating, per usual I walk away and head straight to the sale section. That’s when I see Gerald or he sees me. I don’t remember what happened first what I do remember him saying is, “Krishaun right?!” OMG that was it for me, I was trying to keep my cool (I don’t know how well I did). I gave him my number… I gave him my number!!!

Now I never asked the girl I was with at the time about it, but I’m sure if I did she would tell me that I was talking about his ass the rest of the day. If I didn’t talk about it, I know for sure I thought about it throughout the day.

After a while I didn’t think about it anymore. He never called.

I had other things to think about like: get packed for college, wonder if i could go back home (I was put out because I was dating a girl), are my parents home (they also took my key and made me wait on the porch if they weren’t home).

No time to think about if this boy was going to call me or if I was ever going to see him again.

I ended up getting a summer job two blocks away from the GAP Gerald worked at, and on my way back to work from my lunch break I see Gerald and his mentor. Irregardless of him not calling me I was smiling from ear to ear, gave him a hug, and walked to work.

That same day he called me.

8 years later we got married. Me 25 him 28 doing the damn thing.



Photo Taken By Ricardo Cooper


Black and White Photo Cred: Rudney Novaes