Summer 2010…

just pause right now and reflect on your life adventures at that time.

maybe shake your head and church hand it simultaneously .

I don’t know about you”ll, but Krishaun, Krishaun was a trip. Cut my hair that was down to my back, was attending St. Mary’s, hated school, in a relationship with Gerald my loving husband, talking to this young lady I found interesting at the time. Clearly confused about life; what gave it away? I was depressed (self diagnosed or course), I didn’t know my self-worth, I was doubtful, I treated people wrong, and it was my first time traveling abroad alone, and I stayed 3 whole weeks in Peru with peers I never knew. Also at that time I was not doing very well, my GPA was terrible. OMG. That was not Okay, but whatever.

This little brown girl was faced with so many stereotypes, it was hurtful. Like at one point I was convincing myself and Gerald that I wasn’t going. He of coursed encouraged me to push through and I did just that. But let me tell you somethings I was faced with: 1) Is this your first time on a plane? 2) Oh no, it’s not… where did you go? 3) It’s a terrible day to be black! 4) Your name is Ghetto. 5) Oh your from DC?Where SE?…(this was the most painful one). Mind you this is the weeks prepping for Peru.

I was not really feeling going abroad with these ignorant white people.

After my fear of being in a place all alone, with minimum access to talk with family back home, on top of all the baggage I was carrying; the trip was amazing. I felt like I unlocked the key to my own heart. I found myself in Peru. I learned that I can be in a place on her own, I can develop bonds with people, I proved to myself that I was worth way more than I was giving myself. I was on top of the world, proud at my bad self. I proved to my damn self that I could do it, I found inner peace, after my journey I felt utterly involve with myself. That self-love is the key to success, don’t let anyone fool you. Once you master self peace and love you are in the right direction. Embrace the journey, embrace the change, embrace that growth… Yasssss, you deserve it. This was a nesssecarry part of me being the woman I am today.