Gerald and I are committed to living a healthy lifestyle.   For multiple reasons I want to live until I’m 105 and look 65, I want to have kids but before that happens I have to make sure both Gerald and I are eating well; babies are depending on us to feed them well. We recently started shopping at our neighborhood Co-op, GLUT, just down the street from our apartment. As well as, going into the city to buy fresh meat and pasta from Eastern Market. It feels good eating organic.

We was not always conscience about taking care of our body. We ate fast food McDonalds, Popeyes, Burger King; I mean I have a whole laundry list. Often times I felt sluggish, Gerald goes to sleep after eating fast food, our face would break out. Back then we didn’t know what you put inside your body dictates how you feel. If I look at food I gain weight (figuratively), Gerald on the other hand can eat and I will gain the weight; again figuratively speaking.  So, I started this journey in 2013 because I was gaining weight. After changing my eating habits I notice  change in my body. I was on and off with my diet change, it gets hard when your boyfriend can eat whatever he wants. When Gerald noticed that when I eat right I don’t hand chipmunk cheeks.

Leading up to our marriage I learned that the hormones, in the chicken he eats, effects him it pollutes his semen; I told him we are going all organic. We started shopping at Whole Foods, Yes Organic, and MOMS. Gerald was able to tell the difference, he started paying attention to his body.I’m turning to Co-ops and Markets to buy groceries.