Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet my friends’ family. And when I say I feel in-love with the idea of having all boys; I don’t think y’all understand.

First of all, after hearing all the cases of police brutality, after watching the news depict my African American brothers and sisters as criminal and a threat, I’ve been a little afraid of having children. It’s just too much hate in the world and for what? Because we have more melanin then our counter parts. It really saddens me.

I am also a teacher in Southeast, DC. The students I teach, they aren’t bad kids; however, they  don’t make me go home saying how edger I am to have children. It’s actually quite the opposite. I just think to myself how much I don’t want kids, especially if what they show me at school is all I have to look forward too. Smh.

But last night, last night I saw hope. I saw two beautiful parents, parent these young black males. It literally took my  breathe away. I just sat in awe and watched how they interacted with each other.

The youngest, he stole my heart,  he was telling me that he was into science particularly robotics. I turned to his stepmom to inform her that they may want to look into some STEM programs, and this young man, lisp and all said he does participate in STEM programs. I couldn’t help but to shout out ” Yass, young black boy loving science”. I love it! It makes me smile. All I could think is why can’t I see this on t.v?

Then the middle one, he was just a slinky as could be. He was shy; stayed upstairs most of my visit. When he came down he put this African print kufi on. At that very moment, I saw strength, pride, joy, and resilience. Talk about black pride overload for this girl. I couldn’t control myself.

Now, the oldest. This was the cherry on top, this is what took it over the edge. First, his skin is popping beyond measure and the way his parents had a conversation about money reminded me of the Huxtables. Remember that episode of The Cosby Show when Cliff Huxtable had with his son Theo about his budget. Well, that happened in real time, right in front of my face with my DC Huxtable family.

So this young man birthday is quickly approaching and he wants a pair of Jordan’s. Now the dad said they are too much for a pair of shoes, the stepmom said she will match what the son brings to the table. The head of the household put his foot down again saying $170 was too much for a pair of shoes. He then broke it down to his son by asking him if he was given $200 for his birthday would he a) spend the $170 on the shoes b) look at cheaper options, get 2 pairs, and he could save the rest.

What! Yo, I was so happy. I smiled from ear to ear, nodding my in agreeance .

Then the stepmom brought up a prior conversation  about saving or buying a plane ticket to see the world for the same price as the shoes. All this to get this teenager to see that he can do so much more with his money then to spend it on some Jordan’s.

This made my night, this made me excited to have kids, these teachable moment you have with them. Even if they don’t see it yet, this journey is exciting. Let me tell you again how hopeful I am for my black kids I will have one day.

I want to see episodes like this on t.v.