Saturday Mornings are for:

1) Cleaning

2) Playing Sza radio on Pandora

3) Smudging your living space

4) Yoga

5) Detox Tea

6) Clean Eating.

This morning I did just that. Opened all the windows after cleaning, setting up the space to remove all negative energies; making space for love, peace, and positivity. The energy of the house was so pure, refreshing. The natural light was coming in, it wasn’t too bright since DC was mad gloomy today, but it was all good because I had my Himalayan salt lamps on and I was burning the Root Chakra incense.

Aromatherapy, improving the mood with the Himalayan salt lamp, paired with Yoga+ Root Chakra Meditation as background noise. This put me in the right mindset for my  online yoga session. During the yoga session I was reminded that all the things I need are already within me, we have to find strength to push through, we must except that we may not be where we want to be; but if we persevere  we will get to the place we envision.

I ended my well-being session with exploring fresh exotic fruits and drinking Peach Detox Tea from Whole Foods.

Taking care of yourself you have to:

  1. Take care of your home (it’s your safe place)
  2. Take care of your temple (you only have one)
  3. Be mindful of what you put inside you (your foods reflect your mood)