I’m Krishaun Johnson. I prefer KrishaunJanay! (Thanks Mr. Howard) I’m a African-American women, currently an Art Teacher, Psychology student, and a Fiancé.

From 16 until maybe 23 I was so busy trying to please my mom, my dad, society, my boyfriend at the time, anyone but myself. This my journey in black and white depicting the reds, the blues, and the greys of my life.

The slippery slope to depression started at 17, I’m in my last year of High School.  Picture this: Brown skin, Long dark hair, 5’7, slim frame,glasses wearing young lady. She sound pretty, gorgeous maybe; but this girl was so sad. Looking to feel loved, to be apart of something bigger, I was just someone okay with not being apart of the social norms that society subconsciously whispers in our ear.

I’ve participated in College Bound programs.However, I was not ready to transition into College; I wasn’t ever truly sure if I wanted that to be my next step. As I went down Route 5 seeing the water on the right and the campus on the left; I knew I was not ready to embark on the new journey. I was not outspoken, I did what I was told even though it may not have matched my goals or personal interest; but I did it because I thought I had to do it. So, naturally I went with the motions.

Continue to read in black & white the colors of my life…