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Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet my friends' family. And when I say I feel in-love with the idea of having all boys; I don't think y'all understand. First of all, after hearing all the cases of police brutality,... Continue Reading →

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Black & Abroad

Summer 2010... just pause right now and reflect on your life adventures at that time. maybe shake your head and church hand it simultaneously . I don't know about you"ll, but Krishaun, Krishaun was a trip. Cut my hair that... Continue Reading →

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Married As Fuck

Yassss, I'm married. MARRIED!This was a dream come true. What!!!! The excitement  I felt, it just took over my entire body. When I was a child I was in my parent's wedding and ever since that day the only day... Continue Reading →

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Wellness Saturdays

Saturday Mornings are for: 1) Cleaning 2) Playing Sza radio on Pandora 3) Smudging your living space 4) Yoga 5) Detox Tea 6) Clean Eating. This morning I did just that. Opened all the windows after cleaning, setting up the... Continue Reading →

After Work Date

What better way to shake the Monday blues??  Reward yourself to Astros' Chicken and Doughnuts of course;it's this cute place in Metro Center DC.  My husband was talking about doughnuts for about a week, but we never got them.So, after... Continue Reading →

Vision Board

2016 was amazing I joined Snapchat (the small things matter), it was my engagement period, we had our bridesmaids and groomsmen meet each other (that was legendary), we had many brunch dates,former speaker of the House John Boehner was crushing... Continue Reading →

Adventures of Healthy Eating

    Gerald and I are committed to living a healthy lifestyle.   For multiple reasons I want to live until I'm 105 and look 65, I want to have kids but before that happens I have to make sure... Continue Reading →

Embrace the Change

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